The Founder's role in making an entreprenurial organization

Devin and Jim talk with Tim Kelly on his research what makes a company "entreprenurial"

Tim Kelly is the President and Founder of Kelly Private Equity Consulting (aka OptiCulture Consulting; 2013 – Present). Kelly Private Equity Consulting focuses exclusively on helping private equity general and limited partners achieve maximum long-term financial performance and firm-level success. The company utilizes best-in-class competitive analysis to strengthen organizational dynamics, enhance risk and decision processes, focus brand messaging, and achieve firm-wide cultural symmetry. Previously, Tim was a Partner at Adams Street Partners, LLC (2003 – 2013) and a member of the Primary Partnership Investment Team before his retirement in 2013. In this position, he was a senior partnership investment team manager (AUM of approximately $25 billion) specializing in all facets of global, non-venture, fund investments. He was an active member on over 15 fund advisory boards, the primary monitor of over 20 fund relationships, and a member of the firm’s Primary Fund Investment Sub-Committee. As Partner, he developed a strong network of general partner, limited partner, and client relationships worldwide and was a frequent speaker at industry-wide conferences and general partner off-sites. He led Adams Street's partnership team in attributed portfolio investment performance and in sourcing secondary fund and co-investment opportunities. Most recently he served as an Advisor to the firm (2014). His industry expertise includes: financial services, manufacturing, business services, and consumer; additional expertise with distressed and partnerships employing complex investment strategies, risk management, firm governance, and private equity best practices. Previous professional experiences include: Managing Director, GE Commercial Finance – Global Investment Management at General Electric (1998 – 2003), Senior Investment Manager in the Investment Department at Allstate Insurance Company (1988 – 1998), and Associate Counsel, Corporate and Investment Law Teams at Allstate Insurance Company (1988 – 1994). Tim has his MBA in Economics and International Business from University of Chicago/Booth; his JD from The John Marshall Law School; and, is in the final stages of completing his PhD in  Psychology (Organizational concentration).

Private Equity Lingo: The Podcast

What we talk about when we talk about PE

As a follow-up to Devin's (surprisingly) popular PEHUB column from early August, Devin and Jim expound on the lingo inside a PE firm.  This isn't sports talk or girl talk, this is private equity talk and it makes about as much sense as some of the wild stories in the Raymond Carver book we stole our title from.  Sit back and enjoy, and just like an after school special starring Robbie Benson, there just might even be a lesson or two to learn in between all the laughing (or is that crying?).

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The Haiku Episode

Matthew Craig-Greene's Haiku

A Series of PE Haikus for the sophisticated listener

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A light-hearted conversation with Matthew Craig-Greene of Pivot Partners Ltd -- our Thursday gift from us, to you!

We are but flotsam
Swept away on the tall waves
Of carried interest

SJBerwin is 
Now king and wood mallesons
SJ Berwin K?

New fund manager
Seeks pensions, sovereigns, banks for
Long walks, Co-investment

Fund of funds mergers:
We should have seen it coming: 
Mis’ry loves comp’ny

Yo! Alternative
Investment Fund Manager
Directive: What up?

After barren years
LPs are putting the “fun”
Back in fundraising

Do you charge bogus
portfolio fees, GP? 
Not me, dear LP

Is bigger better?
According to Bane

Yo! Private debt funds
Equity should give credit 
where credit is due:

So much love for mezz 
But the question still remains:
Is it warranted?

Roadside MBA : Product Differentiation and Price

Michael Mazzeo Interview

Product Differentiation and Price

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Devin and Jim sit down with Northwestern Kellogg School of Management Professor Michael Mazzeo to discuss his upcoming book: Roadside MBA: Back Road Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small Business Owners.   In this second episode with Professor Mazzeo we discuss product differentiation and price.